Saturday, May 07, 2011

3243 Tired

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I may be wrong, but I am never in doubt.
-- Jay Kolb --


I went to bed very early last night and got up early (for me) this morning. I dropped off the dead printer at the recycle center, where I spotted some large plastic pots in the plastics bin - so I salvaged them. Went to the bank as soon as it opened and deposited an important check. Then to Home Depot.

The only things on the list for Home Depot were utility knife blades and a watering can. I got them, and a patio tomato plant, a sweet pepper plant, some marigolds, some impatiens, some potting soil, some pot saucers, a soil scoop and a whatchamacallit planting diggery thing. [Much later - Aha! I remembered! It's called a trowel!]

It will probably be next year before I get a real flower bed and veggie garden dug, so I planted everything in pots. I put some marigolds in with the tomato and the pepper plants. They'll look nice and discourage bugs. Bugs don't like marigolds. Marigolds have pyrethrin in them.

I started Roomba downstairs, and got out the Eureka to do the rugs, but figured I should clean the filters first. Man, they were dirty! So I washed the filters and the collection chamber and put them outside in the sun to dry.

Then I emptied the garage and swept it out, and cut up all the cardboard stored in there to take it to recycle on Monday. Then I assembled the steel shelving I had bought for the garage several months ago. It took a mallet and a little swearing. I had to fiddle around with placement of the three units. The shelves are deep, and don't leave a lot of room for the car - and Hal isn't very big. With Hal in the garage, I can't get to the shelves. But I'm willing to move Hal out when I need to, just to get some of the crap that's currently crowded into the laundry room under the stairs out of there and into the garage.

I've gone from a 1750 sq ft basement to a cubby hole under the stairs, and from an oversized 2.5 car garage with attached shed to a one car garage barely wider than a compact car.

I'm learning that some things just don't need storing. I guess.

Oh, I also dragged out the huge heavy metal ladder and changed the light bulb in the garage door opener, so now I don't have to stumble around trying to find the door in the dark when I park Hal. The light goes on when the overhead door is opened or closed, but it seems to have a motion sensor, too. Either that or it's random....and that would explain why the first bulb burned out so soon.

My back is now killing me. I'm tired.

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Badass Nature Girl said...

Oh Silk, you made me hurt just reading all of that and I think I must be a bug cause I'm allergic to marigolds.