Thursday, June 11, 2009

2432 More blood

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Results from yesterday's encounter with vampires is back. A month ago my blood sugar was too high, white count was high, and "there's something wrong with the thyroid". Now my blood sugar is still too high, the white count is ok, and thyroid is ok.

They want me to come back in six weeks hence to recheck sugar, and three months hence to recheck thyroid.

And "if I want to" I should see a dietitian about a low fat low sugar low calorie diet plan.


(Does "if I want to" mean it isn't covered by insurance?)

I've been reading a bit online about diets for diabetes, and I'm not very happy. Actually, I could be very happy eating mostly vegetables and fruit, I try to do that anyway, but when you live alone, it's not easy. Almost everything I could buy that would be good is available only in large amounts, and I end up throwing out most of it before I can eat it all. That gets expensive.

I wish it was possible to buy two stalks of celery, or one stalk of broccoli, or one handful of baby spinach, or a quarter of a cantaloupe, or two carrots, or a half a loaf of bread. It looks like I might be limited to apples, oranges, onions, and the ilk, the things you can buy one at a time. Either that or buy what's available and then eat the same thing every meal until it's gone, or waste half of it.


I hate low fat mayonnaise.


Anonymous said...

I have thought of the same thing when it comes to purchasing items in small quanity. We waste a loaf of bread every other week by throwing it out because it molded. So now we split the loaf in half and use one-half and freeze the other.

sizzie said...

Someone who lived alone told me she shopped for fresh vegetables and fruits at a salad bar and brought things home in a take out container. It worked for her and she had been throwing out stalks of celery, etc.

~~Silk said...

I used to do the salad bar thing when I worked in the small city downriver. I could get all kinds of things, including olives and melon and boiled eggs and cubed meats. But now, out here in the sticks, there isn't a grocery store salad bar within 10 miles. There's a diner in the village with a "salad bar", but, like, the only leafy green is iceberg lettuce, and if you don't count the selections with mayonnaise or whipped cream, there's maybe five more choices.

I'm tempted to sign up for one of those services that delivers meals.