Saturday, June 06, 2009

2425 Odd Calls

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I got two odd phone calls today.

The first was a recording from the county health department, warning of a rabid cat in the area of the village, with a full description of the cat (gray with tawny spots and white paws), and saying that anyone who has come into contact with the cat, even a scratch, should hie thee to a doctor immediately.

Wow. Even at the height of the rabies outbreak a decade ago, we didn't get calls like that. I wonder what it takes to qualify for mass calling.

The second call claimed to be an agent for Bank of America, who was willing to drop the interest on my Visa card to like 6%. The guy (very thick Indian accent) asked me to "verify" myself by giving him the expiration date on my card. I asked which card. He said "the Bank of America card." I asked him to identify the card by number, since I have several.

When he hesitated, I pointed out that HE had called ME, and I get the impression he doesn't know who he's taking to, he had not asked for me specifically by name, so, um, no, we aren't going to do this by phone. And I hung up.

Low-tech phishing. Sheesh.

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