Sunday, May 31, 2009

2416 Search Hits

Sunday, May 31, 2009

As you can see on the map over there on the left, I've had a few hits from around the world. They're almost entirely search hits. Not only that this journal turned up in searches, but someone actually clicked on it and visited.

There have been 40 search-originated hits in the past month:
  • the silken touch
  • dr. pannullo patient blog
  • mensan sexyg
  • panties valley
  • ruffalocody, complaints
  • screwed up legal system
  • un-kissed ms boyle
  • women in girdles, garters videos on you tube or facebook
  • "boyfriend-free girl"
  • "high panties"
  • "jan carnell" funeral
  • "keith england" and handyman
  • "silken touch" product manager
  • "silken touch" socks
  • "vermont country store", "woodhue"
  • 866-800-2202
  • bankdudeny
  • c0ldwater creek
  • conf!cker
  • cordts mansion
  • dean morris cards turnover
  • employee complaint ruffalo cody
  • faceb00k
  • faceb00k texas
  • hasselhoff stars and stripes evening of sexy patriotism
  • hemi paralyzed
  • hercules touch 1248 usb driver
  • jaywalking box turtles nj
  • just in the legal system
  • ms silk sissy
  • ms. boyle
  • ms. boyle, england
  • nose pieces on glassed that hurt
  • patrick mckiernan paramedic
  • screwed by court system
  • screwed by legal system
  • silken touch
  • silkin hell optical illusion
  • urban legends
  • "silk 'n touch"

I should have put up the list from back when I posted the mammogram films. I got a whole slew of hits on that entry alone, mostly from the Muslim world, mostly on search arguments involving "boobs", nipples, or breasts, naked or touching, and "pictures of".

Maybe I should throw in a few interesting words now and then, in innocent sentences - see if they get hits. Like, oh, my laundry room has a doggie-style (doggy style?) door, but I don't have photographs of it. The flower bed outside is naked, no covering. I'll have to suck it up, get on my knees, and weed it. It's next to where my cars are parked abreast. My older cat's sex is female; I wonder if that's why she's so oral. This is not pornography, not at all pornographic. No porn here. Not even any foot porn (as opposed to toe porn or sox sex. You'll find all the toe porn over at The Queen's place, and the socks sex porn at Jammies').

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