Thursday, May 28, 2009

2412 Dinner, with bugs

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I drove to New Jersey for dinner yesterday. Several people in Daughter and Hercules' geocaching group have birthdays this week, including Hercules, so they got together to sing Happy Birthday and to trade travel bugs.

These are travel bugs:

A cache is a container hidden somewhere, containing a log book, little goodies, and/or travel bugs. The coordinates of the container are posted online, and the geocachers use the coordinates with GPS devices and online hints to find the cache.

When you find a cache, you sign the log, take a goody and/or a travel bug out, put another goodie and/or travel bug in, rehide the cache, and then log the find online. Travel bugs have dog tags with serial numbers (you can see the corner of a dog tag in the photo above, all those chains lead to more tags), and sometimes have a note indicating where it wants to go. One of the bugs last night started out in British Columbia, and wants to travel around the world.

So the folks last night were trading found or new travel bugs depending on what direction they plan to go soon, to help the bugs along.

Some pictures (Daughter and Hercules are there, but maybe if I don't actually identify anyone, no one will mind):

Some red eyes in there. Too much trouble to bother fixing. Deal.

Hercules picked a baby rose in the parking lot for me:

It seems to be the custom to put photos of food in blogs, so here's my crab cakes on mixed greens:

The drive home was a hair over two hours, so I popped Santo & Johnny in and sang and danced all the way home.

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