Monday, May 25, 2009

2410 I am not destined to have wildflowers...

Monday, May 25, 2009 the section of woods close to the house.

The first year I planted them too late, and then when a few of the more courageous started to sprout, they were mowed by The Hairless Hunk's teenage helper. $150 worth of seeds down the tubes.

This year I planted them at the right time. Some were actually beginning to bloom - a little white and lavender flower, some blue violet-like thingies, and a tall yellow spikey thing. The others seemed to be getting a good foothold. Sometime in the past few days, when I was out, somebody mowed the yard.

Guess what.

I guess I'll just plant flamingos again.


Becs said...

As much as I love my helpful (?) neighbor Stash, who insists on mowing my lawn, he has destroyed way too much stuff. Yesterday, I mowed the lawn myself and just need to keep one step ahead of him. Some people are just not as helpful as they think.

the queen said...

Off topic - Is your selected bloglines feed the atom.xml one? One of the others is giving an error that the server isn't available.