Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2372 Home again

Monday, April 27, 2009

Short entry.
Got stuff to do.
Back from West Palm Beach.
Sunburned. Chest is brilliant red.
Sun poisoning (streaks and blotches of itchy red) on the top of my right thigh. No big deal.
I wasn't in the sun that long, but I was taking an antibiotic, and forgot the warnings.
Waves too strong to stand in, but water was not cold. Nice sand.
I hate LaGuardia.
The Man has decided he hates LaGuardia, too.
It seems like everything that could go wrong on this trip did.
Everything from reservations to parking to luggage to the tournament.
But we survived.
Nice visit with Sister. She's looking good.
I'm in love again.
With everything else that's going against this relationship, there must be something very right when I feel like this every time I see him, even two years in.


The Man - people will say I should have used a fill-in flash, but I like the silhouette effect. It also means I can use it here, since he's not identifiable. Except for the fact that here we are on vacation, at a resort, and he's working. Or maybe he's playing Scrabble. Anyone who knows him will recognize him from that.


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Becs said...

I hate Laguardia, too. I've never flown out of there, but I had to meet someone there once and I hated it. Gah.

Welcome back :)

We still on for Sat?