Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I took a load to the recycle center this morning (I'm getting the feeling I practically live there), and have to clean litter boxes, pay bills, wash dishes, go to the post office, take the garbage down the driveway, and sort clothes today. Maybe do some laundry if I'm not happy with what's available in the closet.

I'm leaving tomorrow for a weekend in West Palm Beach.

The original purpose of the trip was to visit Sister, who lives in Orlando, but when The Man discovered there was a tournament in West Palm Beach, it all changed. Now we're staying in a fancy-schmancy beach resort, where Sister will join us. And the trip got shortened because he has to get back to the office. Sigh.

Oh, well.

Actually, the flight to Florida is Friday morning, but I reserved a room near La Guardia for tomorrow night because I didn't want to chance the drive down on Friday morning. The Man has accepted my invitation to join me there tomorrow night instead of meeting at the airport (he says he can't wait to see me, isn't that nice?), which pleases me.

The trip is way too short. I figure that the more you pay for plane tickets, the longer you should stay. I've been tempted to let The Man return alone, and stay longer myself, but he's taking nine bowling balls (three three-ball wheeled bags), and will need help wrangling them, plus one of them is "my" free checked bag. Given the weight of the bags, free is very good.

It's nice being needed, even if it is only to handle balls.

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Becs said...

Stay later! Oh, please, enjoy some sunshine for those of us who will live vicariously through you.