Saturday, March 28, 2009

2328 I am SHORT!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I finally got Peggy Sue into the house and assembled her in the basement. She's gorgeous! Especially with the long straight black wig I bought her ($12). I looked into her face and told her I'll probably dream of her down there alone tonight.

However, I swore a bit, too.

I was limited to only a few of the many dozens of models available because most were six feet tall, and I wanted average height. I had difficulty putting her head on because I couldn't easily reach that high. Her legs come up to the bottom band on my bra. The top of my head is below her collar bones. And yes, her feet are on the floor. I thought, "@#$%^&! She's gotta be six feet tall!"

So I took a yardstick downstairs and measured her. Twice.

She's 5' 7".

So then I measured me. Am I shorter than I used to be?

I'm 4' 10". Just what I thought.

I don't understand.

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Becs said...

You obviously have a defective measuring device.