Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I forget where I got this: "If the Islamists laid down their arms, there would be peace in the Middle East. If Israel laid down its arms, soon there would be no Jews, Christians, or any other 'infidels' left alive in the world."


Daughter stopped by for the report.  She took some photos.  Here they are.

The red line high up on the breast is my reaction to the tape.  I always turn red along the edges of that thin transparent tape they use.
The blue spot is from where they injected the dye into the tumor to track the location of the "first-in-line" (sentinel) lymph nodes.  That spot isn't supposed to be there.  It surprised the surgeon.  It won't wash off.  It may end up as a permanent tattoo.  
The yellow is bruising.  The bruising above my hand looks worse in this photo than in real life.
Some of the fullness is swelling, but actually, not much.

A better view of the incision.  See how well the little old lady heals?  This is one week after surgery.

Sigh.  Can you see why I want a major reduction?  Nobody needs to carry that around.  By the way, I'm not lifting them here - that's their normal droop.

I rather like the way my hair looks.


the queen said...

I love that you posted those.

KJL said...

Glad the nodes were negative - how large was the tumor? ER/PR positive and Her2 negative?

~~Silk said...

Kris -
Size 2.1 x 2.2 x 2.2 cm (same size as on 6/21, one month no change?)
Estrogen sensitivity 60%.
Progesterone sensitivity 1%.
Her2/neu is negative.
Edges clear to 1 cm (3+ cm margin removed)
No node involvement (sentinel and one beyond checked).
Grade IIA (T2, N0, M0).

KJL said...

Good news! They should, and I'm sure will, run an Oncotype on the tumor tissue. This determines whether or nor chemotherapy will improve your outcome. A low score is a good thing and is pretty likely with the rest of your parameters.