Wednesday, July 27, 2016

5078 Hands are not visible if they're black?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun.

--I can find many uses of this, but I can't find the original source. Of course, no contemporary usage credits it, like it's supposed to be original to them? Nah. The earlier usage seems to apply simply to tables turning, to the oppressed rising up, like in country songs about battered wives. But my research also took me to some of the dark scary parts of the internet. The past few years it seems to be used most by people talking about an armed revolt against the government.


By the way, I strongly suspect that the reason the surgeon didn't want to do the mastectomy was that she had no faith in my ability to heal well from such drastic assault.  I think I proved her wrong.  Piss me off!


Police shootings in the news.  This is one that happened some time ago, but hasn't been in the news much, but I think it's one of the most egregious, most appalling.

Take a look at this photo:

The man lying on the ground is a health care worker.  The guy sitting is his charge, a kid or young man (age not given, but often described as a boy) with severe autism.  They are near a health facility.  The kid is holding a toy truck.  Someone called the police and said the kid was waving a gun.  The police arrived and got all excited. The caregiver lay down with his arms in the air as the photo shows and attempted to explain to the police that the kid did not have a gun, it was a toy truck.  He tried over and over.  The kid of course ignored all instructions to throw away the "gun".  So a police "sharpshooter" (quotes because he was incompetent) fired three shots, hitting the caregiver in the leg with one shot.

The police then handcuffed the caregiver's arms behind his back, and let him lay there for something like 20 minutes.

Now, here's where it gets even weirder.  The caregiver was lying down with his hands in the air the whole time.  I guess when the cops realized they'd screwed up royally, they claimed that they were shooting at the kid, who had ignored their orders and therefore deserved shooting (he's autistic, remember? and the caregiver had told them that)  and completely missed the (white) kid and "accidentally" hit the (black) caregiver.  Yeah, uh huh, so, um, why the handcuffs?  When you found out the kid had, in fact, a truck, why leave the handcuffs on and why no medical assistance for the caregiver?

As was pointed out in the Trevor Noah video, what is a black man supposed to do to avoid getting shot?  He can't walk toward the police.  Hands up or not.  He can't walk away from the police.  He can't stand still.  He can't lie down with his hands in the air.  He can't lie on his stomach, because then his hands aren't "visible".  What can a black man do to avoid getting shot?  Apparently, nothing.

As you know, I dated a black man for a long time.  He was respectable, intelligent, well spoken, law-biding, strong, and protective. But I'd seen him on a few occasions very nervous around police.  He knew there was no valid reason for them to target him, but he also knew that he had no power to stop very bad things from happening if we'd come up against the wrong ones.

Skip ahead to about 1:22 in the video:

 Here's the story from Snopes:

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