Thursday, June 12, 2014

3957 Midnight Serenade,

Thursday, June 12, 2014

There's a bird out back who sings all night, or at least until 3 am, which is the latest I've been awake to hear him.

The song is beautiful, so clear and ringing.  You can listen for an hour and not hear the same run twice, so I think it's a mockingbird.

I got the idea to record him on video a few nights ago even if we can't see anything, but since then there's been rain or wind or both, so even though he's still singing, I don't think it would record well.  The first clear quiet night, I'll try, and then we will have a guest appearance on the blog.

I can't help but wonder --- when does he sleep?


Feedly has been down all day yesterday, up for a short time last night and down again today.  That's where I get the feeds for all the sites I follow, so I am in addiction withdrawal.

Some nasty group has launched a distributed denial of service (DDoS - that's when attackers use hijacked systems or robots to overload a site with traffic so nobody else can use it), and are holding it for ransom.

Several sites and services have been hit with DDoS attacks lately and are fighting back rather than pay the ransom.  If you do pay the ransom, they will never stop.  You can fight against viruses that take over systems and use them as robots to launch an attack, that's the old way to launch a DDoS, but now there are actually servers you can rent to do the job, and if DDoS ever becomes profitable, you may as well take the internet out to the back forty and shoot it.

How does the ransom get paid, anyway?  Do you fill a file with bitcoins and leave it in the cloud somewhere?

Law enforcement is working on it.  This is probably the worst vulnerability of the internet, the easiest and surest way to take ANY sites down, and the least preventable. 

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