Sunday, June 08, 2014

3953 Anyone else confused?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I'm confused.

The kid walked off the base.  Most military folks consider him a deserter.  Therefore they are furious that five prisoners were released to get him back, ESPECIALLY since so many good men were killed attempting to search for him and bring him back when he first walked away.  That's what they keep throwing out, anyway.

Now, let me get this straight:  Military folks think getting him back is NOT worth the release of five prisoners, but getting him back WAS worth the deaths of multiple fellow soldiers.


I don't understand.

People keep describing the released prisoners as "dangerous terrorists".  Note that they have been rotting in Gitmo precisely because we don't have enough evidence against those five to go to trial and win.  In other words, because we can't prove them guilty in a trial, we declared them guilty without a trial?  Convenient.  And scary.  Imagine if your local cops and prosecutor could do that.

People are continuing the "dangerous" descriptor without ever having looked at how and why they ended up in Gitmo. has a story on them, "The worst Bowe Bergdahl trutherism, debunked - John McCain says released Gitmo prisoners are historically dangerous. Records tell a different story".   For the important part, scan down to point number 3.

If these guys are now "dangerous terrorists", we MADE them so!  And I wouldn't blame them a bit.

As I am writing this, one of those Sunday morning political talk shows is on TV in the background, and some pompous fathead just equated the five prisoners to five Nazi generals.

Sometimes I hate people.

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