Sunday, November 17, 2013

3797 Halloween Haul

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I forgot to mention what I gave out for Halloween this year.  I wanted to do it up well because the kids missed Halloween last year because of the hurricane.  I'm still reluctant to give out candy, but I discovered the A&P had boxes of small packages of nice name-brand cookies for a very reasonable price.  So I got those.  I also bought these on Amazon:

LED Finger lights (they're like little flashlights):
and Flashing gel LED rings:
I got them much cheaper than these specific linked ones because I bought them in higher quantity, and they were on sale for Halloween.  There's a lot of folks selling them on Amazon, at a lot of different per-piece prices.

I sat on the porch all evening, so nobody had to ring the bell and freak out Jasper.  The first fifty kids got a package of cookies and a ring (girls) or a finger light (boys).  After I ran out of cookies (I did reserve some for little bitty kids who shouldn't get things-to-put-in-mouth-and-choke-and-lead-parents-to-sue), girls got a ring and boys got 2 finger lights.  Plus I located the packs of cider powder from last year's non-Halloween, and everyone got one of them, too (just to get RID of them!)

My house was the most popular that night.  There were flashing and glowing lights up and down the street, and as other kids on other streets saw them, they got directed here, too ("the house on x street with the wide porch").  I had asked the neighbors how many kids to expect, and was told "between 50 and 60, usually".  I and my neighbors got at least 120 visitors.  Some neighbors were annoyed at me for attracting so many kids. Others, parents themselves, thought the lights were a great idea - made the kids very visible.

The Nugget, well, that was a bit of a sad story.  At first the activity on the street kind of frightened her and she didn't want to go out at all.  Hercules had bought her a dinosaur rider costume for last year's non-Halloween, and he decided that she should wear it this year.
Nugget flatly refused to put it on.

She refused to go outside at all.

Daughter finally convinced her to go over to a playmate's house on the next street over, and carry the costume to show her.  That was ok. 

So Nugget ended up going trick-or-treating with her little friend, to a few houses on the playmate's street, carrying the costume.  If you asked, she was a "dinosaur tamer".

I didn't get to see her that evening until she was all done and came to show me her haul.

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