Monday, October 29, 2012

3653-3 Sandy, 12:20 pm Monday

Strange that inside my house I can usually hear everything on the street.  I can hear the neighbor's phone ring.  There's a sump pump on the next street over that normally drives me crazy. 

Not today.  The wind and whipping trees have now risen to a roar, it's really loud on the porch, but inside my house it's quiet.  You'd never know there was anything going on out there.  Weird.

The TV is on, but it's constant mayors and governors saying the same things over and over.  I need a little entertainment.

One small tree in my back yard has bent over parallel to the ground.  I'm not worried about that one.  The 100+ foot gum tree, on the other hand....  If that goes the wrong direction it'll take out my roof and second floor.

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Anonymous said...

Hoping and praying for you!