Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3349 Frustration

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The two rules for success: 1) Figure out exactly what you want to do. 2) Do it.
-- Mario Cuomo's mother --


The mid-Hudson Valley seems to have had it worse than here from Irene. Lots of flooding, trees down, bridges out. The Hairless Hunk says my old house is fine, some branches down but no major tree loss, and so on, but --- he can see only the exterior. I'm anxious to get up there.

But things keep popping up, keeping me here! I can't even get the stuff I need to do here done. I'm getting very upset.


Two years ago I flunked the bone density test (mildly) and my GP told me to increase my calcium. Last February I had high blood calcium, so my GP told me increase vitamin D.

Two years ago my blood sugar was fluctuating wildly (and I wanted to lose weight), so the nutritionist taught me how to balance carbs and protein. Too much meat is not good, I hate beans, nuts are fine but too high in fat to use too much, so she told me to up my no-fat/low-fat dairy.

Saw the urologist yesterday. He says that my 24-hour (actually 48, but who's counting) urine collection shows I'm passing a lot of calcium, and since the stones are calcium oxalate, I should reduce dairy products in my diet, and reduce the vitamin D.


So, what do I do now?

Three years ago my THS (thyroid stimulating hormone) was high, so my GP put me on thyroid supplements. Last February the THS was fine, so they took the thyroid supplements away from me.

The parathyroid regulates calcium.

One of the results of parathyroid disfunction is --- I forget now what it's called --- but nodules form in the lungs, heart, other organs. The nodules in the lungs cause rales (the rattling/bubbling in the lungs like with pneumonia). Two weeks ago, my new GP heard rales. I've always had rales to some degree because of the structure of my lungs, but not enough that anyone worried about them. She was worried.

Hmmm. Maybe I should get my parathyroid checked.

Why has no doctor suggested that?

Probably for the same reason that my signs of raging kidney infection were ignored. Nobody really thinks any more.


little red said...

The problem, as I see it, is that doctors are so specialized these days, that no one wants to know what another part of your body is doing. A friend of mine had that problem a few years ago. One specialist told her one thing had nothing to do with the other, when in fact, her symptoms were completely linked and compounding each other.

Holistic medicine is one solution. Find a holistic Dr. that will analyze your WHOLE BODY, nutrition, blood panel, all of your symptoms, everything, and work with you to make you healthy on every level. You can't have your different Dr's contradicting each other and expect to come out OK.

I heard not too long ago that one of the highest contributors to premature death is medical treatment.

Becs said...

Doctors have no training in logic, from what I can tell.

Little Red is right about finding a practitioner of holistic medicine. Unfortunately, they are hard to find in Jersey.

I hope everything is well with the house Up Nort'.