Thursday, July 21, 2011

3313 Compendium

Thursday, July 21, 2011

There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.
-- South Park --


I have decided not to go upriver today. 100 degrees is the prediction there for today and tomorrow, and there's an ozone alert. The A/C in the old house is totally inadequate. Bleck.

Here's a bunch of stuff I found wandering around and want to save:


Someday I absolutely want to try this:
The pages are just folded, no tears or cuts.


I'd like to try this, too. I have a dremel....


The Orlando police have been arresting people for feeding the hungry. This guy is the lone police supporter at a protest rally. It's very good.



This is not exactly what I want to do with the stairs in my new house - I want to paint sort of like Moroccan mosaic tile designs on the risers and varnish (poly) the treads. But this is inspiration:

This is why I didn't change my name (for the third time!) when I married Jay:

Why do men think it's so easy for women to change their name when they marry? And why should she, anyway? It smacks of a transfer of ownership, literally a title transfer.


And finally:

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Becs said...

Ah, Orlando! When I lived there - um, not because I lived there, mind you - our mayor carried concealed.

Heck of a guy.

And yes, changing one's name after divorce is a pain in the adze.