Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3312 Meetup - anger!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It matters not what you call me, but what I answer to.
-- African Proverb --


If "disgruntled" is bad, then "gruntled" should be good, right? So why does it sound so bad?


So. Tonight is the first dinner I scheduled under Meetup. The way it works is that you post an activity, and then members can RSVP.

I set the limit at 8 people, and closed RSVPs at 7 pm on Tuesday. As of Tuesday 7 pm, I had 9 people signed up, including me. That's not supposed to happen, to end up over count, but one person RSVP'd for herself, and then instead of checking the box for bringing a guest, so the guest could be counted in the total, she just added the guest as a comment. Sheesh. Idiot.

Anyway, 9 people were signed up at 7 pm Tuesday. Now I've got 2. Seven cancellations yesterday and today - the latest at 4 pm today. Gee, thanks for the notice. "Something came up" being the common excuse.

Yes, I am thoroughly absolutely utterly pissed. Disgruntled.

If they had cancelled BEFORE the RSVP cutoff, maybe others who DID want to go might have signed up. Talk about me-ism. Entitlement. "I'll reserve a space so nobody else can have it, just in case I decide to make the effort." I can't believe these people can't make plans two days in advance.

There's ONE other person left now. And if she doesn't show up I'll spit nails. Actually, I'd like to cancel, but I figure it's too late now. Thanks a hell of a lot, 4 pm person.


6:50 pm Update: The last person cancelled at 6 pm, after I sent her a note asking if she was still coming. She "forgot". (Um, hey, Meetup sends reminders.)

It's not something I did, honest. I can't feel responsible in any way. All the information was in the event posting, Meetup sent automatic reminders, I sent out no broadcast notes so it's unlikely I offended anyone, and I didn't do like a lot of organizers and change the details every other day.

I don't understand.


the queen said...

Isn't it fatally hot in NY right now? If there was a blizzard, would you be spitting nails? (But, true, I hate it when people can't rsvp and mean it.)

Becs said...

No. People are just jerks. That is all.

~~Silk said...

It cooled off during the afternoon, and there was a nice breeze. It was about low 80s-ish. I had taken the Nugget for a walk outside at 2:30 pm. It was almost pleasant.

~~Silk said...

...and the restaurant is air-conditioned. The deck, should we have chosen to sit there, is on the bay. Ocean breeze. Nope, heat not a factor. Most simply said "something else came up." I.e., they got a better offer?

little red said...

People can be airheaded twits. What if you allowed double the reservations you really wanted, so that people who will cancel at the last minute won't make it impossible for people who want to attend not to.

BTW, do you really want to have dinner dates with these types of people?