Saturday, July 09, 2011

3303 Loaded, no bears.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Next time I will...." "From now on I will...." -What makes me think
I am wiser today than I will be tomorrow?”
-- Hugh Prather, Notes to Myself --


I'm about to close up here and head back downriver. Fred is carrying a full load -
  • Hanuman (a heavy wooden statue of the Hindu deity Hanuman, plastered and gilded),
  • a guitar signed by Les Paul just before he died,
  • a large oil painting,
  • a large framed print,
  • an antique wood-framed mirror,
  • a large ceramic giraffe,
  • a bunch of kitchen utensils,
  • a bag of refrigerator storage containers,
  • a load of summer clothes,
  • seven singing bowls,
  • a mammoth tusk carved with a herd of mammoths,
  • a box of netsukes,
  • two ostrich eggs, one carved, one plain, and
  • three wheeled briefcase-laptop-overnighters (that I plan to drop off at Good Will. When you put 8-10 compartments and pockets in those things, with the requisite zippers, they get ridiculously heavy, even if they do have wheels, and all the compartment separators leave little room for anything else. I have never used them.)
  • And some other stuff. I forget what all.
  • Oh, yeah, and a hot-air popcorn popper. I've been hungry for popcorn, but my microwave at the new house is dead.
So I'm packing up the laptop now, and heading out.

Hey, remember that woman who was promised a new Toyota, and sued when what she got was a new toy Yoda? I was reminded of that today. I went to a charity auction once and bid on and bought a nice looking pendant and chain necklace. I had looked at it before bidding, and the auctioneer distinctly said it was a "diamond necklace". When I opened the box after taking possession, under the velvet cradling the necklace was a dime. The necklace was crystal. I'd bought a "dime and necklace". I found that box today, with the dime still in it.

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