Wednesday, June 01, 2011

3272 Frustration

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One can be spiritual without being religious.
One can be religious without being spiritual.
They are two different things, with a casual, not causal, relationship.
-- Silk --


It is now June. My plan was to be out of the old house by now, and to be started on the repairs to be made before I can sell it as something more than a "fixer-upper". Ha!

First there was the miserable winter that grounded me, then this kidney thing that has floored me.

I'm very frustrated.

I called the doctor's assistant yesterday, as ordered, to set up the blasting of the stone ("ESWL", google it) which I thought was supposed to happen on "Friday or Monday". I foolishly assumed that was this coming Friday or Monday. Of course not.

I actually swore at the assistant when I was told that the machine travels around among hospitals, and won't be here until June 17th. And the doctor does procedures only on Friday and Monday, because otherwise he's seeing patients in his office. So it won't happen until the 17th.

I am extremely upset. As I said to Daughter, maybe the Fates are trying to teach me something.

Daughter wants me to give up and find another urologist. But given that three CT scans and three X-ray sets haven't clarified exactly what my physical arrangement is in there, I'm afraid another doctor would simply want to start his (they're all "he" on my network list) exploration all over again, so I'm not sure that would make any difference.


Becs said...

As much of a pain in the ass as it would be for you, I second Daughter on this.

These people have messed you around way too much.

I have been known to hie myself off to NYC when faced with a semi-serious situation. The best doctors are there, I swear. From NYU Medical Center to Sloan Kettering (God forbid).

Badass Nature Girl said...

I'm not sure what to tell you about your current situation, because I agree with both you and Daughter.

I can say though, from experience, that the longer the stent is left in, the higher the risk of infection from it (assuming you have not been on antibiotics this whole time, which can pose issues of their own for this length of time), and as you were told, it will still need to be left in for a while after surgery. But once you have kidney stones, you have more than a 50% risk of getting them again in the next 7 years, so even once you get through this, you'll want to have a doctor that you like and takes good care of you, because you may be needing them again in the future.

But one thing at a time, I know. I just cannot believe they've put you off this long. When I went for my second opinion after my first doctor botched the surgery, I was in surgery within the week. However, that second doctor has done nothing to help me this time around, and I really liked him before. Doctors are so hard to figure out.

Sending you positive, healing energy and requests to the Cosmos to get this done SOON for you.