Tuesday, October 12, 2010

3124 Moving Along

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Definition: Treppenwitz - "the wit of the stairway," used to describe
brilliant comebacks one thinks of only long after
the moment for saying them has passed.


Sunday I attended Becs' party in a riverside park in NJ. Of the blogger bunch, The Queen was there, and Reality Check Woman, and Becs, of course, and me. Daughter and Hercules also showed up, and a bunch of Becs' friends, relatives, and coworkers. A good time was had by all, and there was so much food that no dish, no matter how good, was more than 1/4 eaten. Amazing. Becs is going to be living on cheese, cake, and crudites for a month!

I scarfed the following photo from The Queen's blog. I'm sure she won't mind, but I couldn't resist because it may be the best photo of me in the past umpteen years. I won't tell you who is who, but one is me, one is Becs, one is The Queen, and one is Hercules. (Sheesh - my nose is BIG! The Queen and Becs have such little buttons on elfin faces. But it's still a durn good photo. The Queen directed that the photo be taken from high, so we were all looking up. It works! (Please don't tell me it doesn't look like me.))

Sunday evening I met with The Man, and Monday I signed the papers for homeowner's insurance on the new house. Today my lawyer finally told me what time the closing is tomorrow, but he still doesn't have the numbers for the check I have to bring. I also made a bunch of calls and got the gas, water, sewer, garbage, and electric service started in my name (as of tomorrow).

I have a rolled-up futon in the van, and intend to sleep in the new house tomorrow night.

The driveway does look a bit odd, but I asked for a double-wide driveway because a) I right now have three vehicles, and b) the street is narrow, and I don't want to ask guests to park on the street. Between the garage and the driveway, I can safely accommodate five cars.

If you click on the house photo you might notice that the rightmost piece of porch railing isn't straight - the uprights aren't parallel to the tall posts. That will be mentioned at closing tomorrow, along with a few other things.


Becs said...

I think you and The Queen look awesome. I just look...pink and round.

the queen said...

I can't believe you mentioned your nose. Look at my hair.

Also, I feel bad I didnt include RCW in the photos. I wonder if she's like my Mom. Mom never wanted help or attention; if she wanted it she instructed you.

~~Silk said...

Your hair! Look at mine. I have a squirrely topknot!

the Gypsy said...

Wow, ladies. It's really obvious who each of you is, by your descriptions and lamentations about your looks.