Saturday, September 04, 2010

3073 Brain Purge

Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Money is like the wind. You only feel it when it's moving."


I wonder if those miners trapped somewhere in South America will be paid 24 hours per day overtime for the several months they'll be trapped.


The other night I was working late and noticed an odd smell in the house, at about 2 am. Sort of an acid metallic smell, like hot metal sometimes gets. I worried that maybe there were some hot wires in a wall.

I finally determined that the odor was strongest near the three open windows, so I checked outside.

It smelled terrible outside.

Next I worried that a neighbor's house or car was on fire, but didn't see or hear anything. I don't know what it was. (There's a transformer at the end of my driveway. I hope it wasn't that.)


I don't watch those competitive cook shows like "Hell's Kitchen" and whatever that other one is. The head chefs on them are pure evil.

Nobody, I don't care what they've done, maybe it was stupidity or a mistake, but whatever they did wrong, nobody! deserves to be abused like that. And don't give me the "Well, that's what they'll find in real restaurant kitchens, so they'd better get used to it" excuse. There's no excuse for that kind of behavior, and excusing it only guarantees its existence, since there are always people who, if they think they can get away with bad behavior, will behave badly and abuse underlings just because they can.

So if that's what happens in real restaurant kitchens, maybe it's time that stopped being acceptable, too.


A commenter has asked if she may suggest Patrick Stewart as a candidate for Honey of the Week. Yeah, anyone can suggest anyone they like. It may very well be someone I somehow forgot to include.

I considered Patrick Stewart, actually. From Wikipedia, "The accolades he has received include "Sexiest Man on Television" (TV Guide, 1992), which he considered an unusual distinction considering his age and his baldness." Both characteristics, of course, don't faze any thinking woman. But although I would love to have a (platonic) weekend with him, he doesn't quite meet my criteria.

My criteria are simple. At some point, I must have had a strong urge to drag the man into the bushes and wreak mad mayhem on his naked body.

I will accept no less.

But I'd be very interested in seeing/hearing/reading who other women like or liked, and why.


The manifesto from the guy who tore up the ground at Discovery is interesting (copy here). He has some points, but of course he's overboard. But consider the saying (several different versions around, attributed to several different speakers, some say five years instead of fifty, some say bees instead of insects, but it doesn't matter, they're all true, I just think this is the truest): "If all the insects died today, in fifty years there would be no life left on Earth. If all the humans died today, in fifty years the Earth would be lush and vibrant with life."

Yes, there are too many humans, and that's not a good thing for anyone. It has long been my opinion that God loves bacteria and insects, and we exist as mere crops for them.


The day I put Daughter on the bus for her first day of kindergarten, as the bus pulled out I could see her through the window talking to the other kids - and she didn't turn and look at me, let alone wave. As the bus trundled down the street, a neighbor jogged past, noticed the tears running down my face, and asked what was wrong. I replied, "The county came and kidnapped my daughter", motioning toward the bus.

Yep. Within a day it was all over the neighborhood that CPS had determined that I was an unfit mother and had taken my child away.

It took a while to correct the story, and even after everyone knew it was a misunderstanding, and everything was ok, there were mothers who would allow Daughter to play with their child at their house, but would not allow their child to play at our house, because they still were unsure that I was safe.

That's one thing I appreciate about this neighborhood. Minimal gossip.

That's one thing that worries me about the new neighborhood. Daughter assures me that it's a very safe neighborhood because "everyone watches out for everyone else." Um, that means everyone is watching everyone else.


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