Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3064 Bottles and books

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"The reason why so few good books are written
is that so few people who can write know anything."
-- Walter Bagehot --


A friend told me about BetterWorldBooks.com, where you can buy used books cheaply, with no shipping fees, and a portion of their profits go to encourage world literacy. (They don't say exactly how they encourage world literacy, but, ok.)

They also buy used books.

Given that I have to offload a few thousand books, I went to check them out, see what they'd pay. I put in the ISBN of several of my books, and got the message that they are "not accepting that book at this time" for each of them. They don't say what they'd pay if they were accepting them. Phooey. Bust.

But then I checked out their bargain section, and ended up buying four MORE hardcover books, at $3.98 each, no tax, free shipping.

Aaaagh! This is not helping!


New York state is now requiring $.05 deposit and return on water bottles. I hadn't been involved in bottle return because I almost never buy or drink carbonated stuff or beer, but I do drink a lot of bottled water because my house water is so, uh, unknown mineral rich, so now I have to return bottles.

The local grocery store has a machine outside for returning bottles, but every time I've tried to use it, it was full and I had to take the bottles inside.

Yesterday I found out why it's always full. There was a man and woman with a pickup truck with one of those cap covers on the back, and the truck was chock full of bags of bottles, which they were feeding into the machine, until they filled it. They must go from store to store filling machines.


Becs said...

What happened to the bird??

~~Silk said...

By 3:30, his legs and feet were working well, his wings looked good and flapped in unison, and he was eating and drinking. He ate the wild cherries whole, and that worried me, but he pooped the pits and skins, so I guess that's the way it's supposed to work. I don't think he had any internal injuries. I really think he didn't take off because he was confused. He still had the baby striping on his chest and back, so I think he still needed his parents. I took him back to where The Hunk had said he'd hit the window and put him in a tree, hoping his parents would be calling to him. I don't know what happened after that. I left for dinner, didn't get back until after dark, and the next day he was gone.