Tuesday, February 02, 2016

5052 Iowa and groundhogs.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Trumpster has been surprisingly calm about the Iowa loss to Cruz.  Not that it matters a whole lot; Iowa is not a predictor.  On the other hand, Cruz's showing freaks me out.  He really scares me.  I don't like the way he fights, by throwing dirt without bothering to find out whether it's even remotely true or not.  Worse, he doesn't seem to care whether it's true or not as long as it sticks and hurts his opponent.  And --- this is totally inconsequential and shallow and I know that --- many of his facial expressions remind me of Bill Murray, and I despise Bill Murray, which is also shallow, but there it is.

I think The Donald better get used to this.  I've been saying all along that the polls and crowds don't mean anything other than that people find him supremely amusing and want to encourage him to be even more outrageous.  It's a great show, and yeah, let's go to his rally, it might be fun!  None of which is any indication of how people will actually vote.  Oh, yeah, he does have supporters who are serious, but not as many as polls imply.  You don't have to be as serious in a poll as you'll be in the booth.

Speaking of Bill Murray, what did the groundhog say?  We'll have an early Spring?  Oh, ok.  Does that mean Spring will be in full swing by the first week in March?  The alternate six weeks would put it mid-March.

I've never really understood those numbers.  Most of the places I've lived, we HOPED the groundhog saw his shadow so we'd have ONLY six more weeks of winter!  In the mountains of Pennsylvania, when I was growing up, our first snow fell in October, and those flakes were still on the ground (under six to eight more feet of snow) in early May.  At the country house, snow started in mid-December, we'd have a tiny teasing taste of spring in late March, and our last major snow storm was the first week of April pretty much every year.  So six more weeks of winter as of early February?  Spring arrives in mid-March?  Great!  We'll take it.  Only six more weeks is good!

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Anonymous said...

I doubt groundhog day was ever expected to be taken to heart as a true indicator of when Spring will come. Spring comes on March 2oth whether there is snow on the ground or not.