Saturday, January 23, 2016

5048 Doldrums, with wind.

Saturday, January 23, 2016, 4:30 pm

"Doctors do it for a living, patients do it for life. There's a difference. 
Bother the doctors as much as you need to."
-- Cathy, in "Lessons From Lou" --


The original estimates for today's snow were 8 to 12 inches, ending by evening.  There's already more than a foot out there; latest estimates from the township are 24 inches, ending tomorrow morning.  Sigh.  We were supposed to get lots of wind, which, with luck, would clear the driveway and drift it all into the front yard, but so far it's relatively still, although I can hear the water whipping out on the bay, so I don't know what's going on, really.

I'm very blah, and still being careful about my back.  I've done nothing all day except watch YouTube videos.  First a bunch of MinuteEarth science clips, then 12 clips of The Red Dwarf, and I'm now on the 10th of 13 clips of Blackadder.  Next I guess I'll see what movies are available for free on Amazon Prime.

Even with the heat on as usual, I'm freezing.  My body seems to be more dependent on what's outside the window than what it's like in the house. I don't get that at the country house - always just right - I think it's the difference between a full basement (there) and a slab (here).  **

Even so, I suppose I should be glad I didn't go to the country house.  Original weather reports (yesterday) said no snow up there.  Now they're getting a few inches.  A lot less than here, but still enough to make that long uphill driveway possibly impassible.

I hate snow. 


Later update, 2/25/16:
Not true.  It appears I view the old house with rose-colored glasses.  I've been reading old posts, and was surprised to find that I was often cold in the country house in the winter.  Hands, feet, nose freezing.  It seems that once the sun goes down, I get cold, regardless of the air temperature, floor temperature, or tightness of the house.

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