Monday, October 26, 2015

5027 Super Snork

Monday, October 26, 2015

The new Supergirl show was on tonight.  I watched The Big Bang Theory, and Supergirl was on right after it, so I just left the TV on, figured I'd give it a chance.

It started out ok, but then they brought in a bunch of criminal aliens with superpowers and otherworldly technology, which includes weapons that look like something a 10-year-old boy would design and Worf would carry, and all kinds of explosions, so I lost interest in the second half. 

Calista Flockhart is Kara (Supergirl)'s rich bitch witchy boss.  I was pleased to see her, I wondered what happened to her after Allie McBeal.  Jimmy Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) turns up in Kara's office, yeah, THAT Jimmy Olsen, except now he goes by James since Jimmy got all grown up and smooth and sexy and deep-voiced, and he's now black.  If I ever watch the show again, it'll be for him and Calista.

The snork part?  Kara takes off her glasses, and one of her male coworkers says, "You're really pretty without your glasses."

I HATE THAT!!!  I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle him.  I heard that so many many times in my youth.  One time in college a guy actually took my glasses right off my face in the Husky Lounge and then wouldn't give them back, because, "I like looking at you without glasses."  I wanted to kill him.  At that time my vision was 20/350.  I was legally blind.  Anything past 18 inches was a blur.  I was furious.

When I got a little older I learned how to handle that comment.  Some guy would say, "You look so pretty without your glasses" and I would smile sweetly and respond, "You look so handsome without my glasses."


Lisa :-] said...

Great line!

Zayrina said...

I am a natural blond who has remained blond into adulthood and I wore coke bottle thick glasses up until I was about 39 and got lasik done. Back in college I was attending a sociology class with a female professor who stood in front of the class and said that she believed the stereotype that blonds were all dumb. In the next beat she said those who wore thick glasses always seemed smarter to her. I was pissed off by the remark about blonds so I raised my hand and asked her if she felt that being blond and wearing thick glasses cancelled each other out. I couldn't tell her to go f herself which is what I wanted to do.

Two things that piss me off even worse are when men that you are on a first date with say something about wanting to see if I am a real blond. There is never a second date with those stupid men. The other thing that comes out of mouths of the aggressively stupid is any remark attempting to sexualize my profession, nursing. No second date their either.

People have no clue when to keep their lips sealed.

~~Silk said...

I'm sort of glad they don't keep their lips sealed --- then at least there's no mistaking what's going on in their heads.