Monday, July 20, 2015

4073 I guess it sucks there?

Monday, July 20, 2015

"All human beings should try to learn before they die
what they are running from, and to, and why."

-- James Thurber --


I have little weather widgets on the side of my screen, one for the city house and one for the country house.  Right now it's 90 F at the city house ("feels like 93"), 10 mph wind, 46% humidity (it feels like more), and sunny.  At the country house, it's 91 F, with an air quality alert - which is strange, as the air quality there is usually excellent except when there's pollen.  The wind speed is "-9999 mph".

What?  Does that mean it sucks?

Oh.  It just updated.  Now it says 5 mph.  



I didn't use my old printer for months, and the jets clogged up.  No amount of cleaning fixed it, so a few months ago (February?) I gave up and bought a new printer.  My main criteria for choice was size.  When everything else is getting smaller and smaller, I don't understand why simple printer/copier/fax units keep getting bigger and bigger.

It sat still in the box since February, because I remembered the pain of installation of the last one.  I did something wrong with the last one, and the flippin' thing went offline after every print or copy job and wouldn't come back online no matter what I did, until I completely re-IPLed the laptop.  Also, it wouldn't scan to the computer, claimed the computer wasn't connected even though it was a USB connection.  Annoying, inconvenient, and frustrating, and the main reason it was so seldom used.  So I kept putting off attempting to install this one.

But now I have something that must be printed directly from a screen, and can't be offloaded or emailed, so I was forced to bite the bullet.

It took a half-hour, it was very simple, I was not forced to choose between options that I didn't understand, and it's connected through the house WIFI (which it did itself, I didn't even have to tell it the password), and it has its own email address, so when I'm at the country house using the notebook and want to print something, I can email the file to the printer.  Nifty.  It was SO much easier than the last time.

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