Saturday, May 23, 2015

4042 Sorry, Seinfeld fans....

Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Seinfeld" has been off the air for 17 years.  Let it go, folks!  I'm still hearing/reading about it, and I'm done.

I hated the show when it was on.  I didn't find it in the least bit funny (with the exception of Kramer, I guess).  I despised the characters, especially Elaine, who needed a good slapping.  They were simply not nice people, and I hated the thought that there were viewers who thought that what they did was amusing and deserving of emulation.  Like when George was so happy with his hairpiece, and she snatched it and threw it out the window.  How was that funny?  She had no right to do that.  If I were George, I'd have beat the crap out of her - and there was a lot of crap in her to beat out. 

Seinfeld himself wasn't to be emulated either.  In his middle 30s in real life he was dating a 17-year-old.  After 4 years he dumped her for a woman who had been married only three weeks.  She got a divorce and they got married.  I figure she was a very accomplished gold-digger, and I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, so you know I must have some strong feelings here.

I really didn't like that show.  I really don't like Jerry, even though I have to give him some credit - his act is one of the cleaner ones in a world of foul-mouthed "comedians".

Is my age showing?

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