Friday, April 03, 2015

4029 Alphabet soup

Friday, April 3, 2015

My daughter has passed her exams for physical therapist and has acquired another set of initials after her name.  Daughter  R.M.T., L.M.T., C.P.T. 

R.M.T. - Reiki Master Teacher
L.M.T. - Licensed Massage Therapist 
C.P.T. - Certified Personal Trainer


(Note that she also has a degree in civil eengineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering from Penn State, but she never mentions that.  Yeah, she doesn't use it, but it's still quite an accomplishment.)


~~Silk said...

I just noticed that the new title is certified physical trainer, but all along I thought she was going for certified physical therapist, which is different. Now I'm confused. Maybe this is a step on the way?

little red said...

Physical therapists have to be Dr's. That would be DPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy. I actually looked into becoming a physical therapist recently.

~~Silk said...

Yeah. I asked Daughter, and that's what she said. That means that the idiots who worked with Jay (physical and occupational therapists) at the Hell Hole in Staten Island had doctorates? Incredible! I don't understand....

Daughter said there's a lesser grade, like an associate, that works under a certified therapist, and is allowed to make no determinations or decisions, but only to do exactly as they are told. Whatcha wanna bet the Hell Hole had a onea them on part-time pay who never actually saw patients, but satisfied the requirements. It's been fourteen years, but I have grown to hate that place even more.