Wednesday, November 06, 2013

3792 What happened to Bill?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I saw this picture of Bill Gates the other day:

The photo confused me.  He's younger than I am, a lot younger, but he looks ten years older.  His skin looks like he's spent every waking moment out in the sun, without sunblock, and we know that's highly unlikely.  There's something wrong.

So I asked Google.

Nothing definitive or verifiable, nothing from reliable sites, just unverified rumors of Parkinson's Disease.  Whatever.  But I'm sure there's something going on with him.  Can it be just stress?

Wandering around what turned up for "Parkinson" with various other search arguments, I am surprised at how many people in public life have Parkinson's.

Ten years ago it was brain tumors.

Almost like ... a fashion, or something.  Strange.


Anonymous said...

My boss and I are the same age. She looks at least 10 years older than I do. She smokes and lays out in the sun. I am sure some of it is genetics. No one ages equally.


rockygrace said...

How old is he now? He always used to look really young for his age - mainly somebody broke the portrait in the attic.

rockygrace said...

er ... that should be "maybe", not "mainly".

~~Silk said...

Bill gates was born in 1955. Wikipedia says he's 58. He looks a lot older in that photo (and other recent photos) than most men I know in their late 60s. Which is, as you point out, odd because he had always looked younger than his age - so there's been rapid recent aging, which said to me, "illness".