Wednesday, October 23, 2013

3786 Widget wacky

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On my old Vista, I had "widgets" on the sidebar.  A nice big analog clock, a calendar showing the whole month, gauges showing CPU and storage utilization, and two weather doohickies showing the temperature and conditions for both houses.

I loved them.  Glanced at them all the time.

Microsoft got rid of them in Windows 8, ostensibly because they presented a security threat, but the forum consensus is that Microsoft wanted people to use those stupid cluttering apps.  The ones you can't see when you're on the desktop.

So, I searched, and found several free widget programs.  Again, the consensus is that the best and safest is from

Installation was quick and easy.  I got everything I needed, including two small weather gadgets, the ones that show temperature and atmospheric conditions.

Then I clicked on "options" to set the weather gadgets to my locales.  The one for the city house was easy.

The country house was weird.

I asked it to search for Red Hook, NY, 12571 (that's a village upstate, near Rhinebeck, not the old dock area of Brooklyn, and what I had been using on Vista as being close to the country house).

It told me it couldn't find a weather station for Red Hook, but offered me Slingerlands as the closest.  Slingerlands is way the heck up by Albany.  Duh?  Not even close!

So I shrugged and asked for Milan, NY, which is close and is in the same zip code as Red Hook, and has an airport, so I know there's a weather station there.

It said it couldn't find Milan, but offered me Red Hook as the closest.  Duh?

I don't understand.

But at any rate, my widgets are all set up, and I'm happy.

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Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I wanted to rid myself of 8 was that with every update Firefox would not work properly or sometimes even load. I will be interested to see if you have similar issues.