Thursday, July 04, 2013

3748 Boomers

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.
-- Albert Einstein --


Well, I almost forgot what day it is -- until about ten minutes ago when the neighborhood erupted into WWIII.  There are fireworks on all sides, and we're talking about the big chrysanthemums and boomers.  The seriously not-in-the-backyard stuff.  The rattle your windows stuff.  The sky is lighting up.

So I checked the internet.

Yup, personal unlicensed fireworks of any type, including the little sparklers, are highly illegal in NJ.  According to the announcement from this county, they've got additional police on tonight, and they are serious about arresting and confiscating.  There's a large fine and jail time involved, and they "intend to prosecute everyone they catch".  That's what the county says.

Yeah.  Sure.

I've never seen this kind of blatant civil disobedience at the country house.  A few teenagers with cherry bombs, occasionally.  Nothing like this.


I entertained the Nugget this morning while her parents packed the car.  They've gone to Pennsylvania to visit the other set of grandparents.  I get to feed their cats tomorrow.

Normally, cats are good alone with dry food for like three days.  But they have two small timid females, and one huge fat bruiser of a (ex)male, Titus.  If they put out three days of food for three cats, Titus will eat it ALL the first evening.  Damn hog.  Me, I'd separate and confine them to their own areas, and if Titus ate all his own food, he'd just have to live off his fat for the rest of the time.

So anyway, I'll go over tomorrow and put out one day's food for three cats, and stand there so Poli (Titus's tiny antisocial sister) and Schmeck (very tiny, extremely shy, at least 15 years old, never leaves the master bedroom except to use the litter box) get a chance at it, knowing that as soon as I leave, Titus will raid all three dishes.

Damn hog.

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