Monday, June 24, 2013

3744 Harassing calls, robins, WWZ

Monday, June 24, 2013

It is now quite lawful for a Catholic woman to avoid pregnancy by a resort to mathematics,
though she is still forbidden to resort to physics or chemistry.
--HL Mencken--


I was at the country house (or on the road going there or returning) Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of last week.  I had all kinds of plans for what I was going to do there, but got completely overwhelmed and did nothing.  As usual.

What needs doing right now is sorting and deciding, something only I can do, so help won't help.


I've been getting calls on the house phone, up to four and five a day, all from the same local number, 732-993-4397.   I was unaware until today because I never use that phone, the ringer is off, and I check for messages about once a month.  Most of the calls from that number leave no message.  Two did, and someone named "Christina" asked me to call her back at a different toll-free number.

There's lots wrong with this.
  1. I'm on the do-not-call registry.
  2. The outgoing message on that phone says that I never use that phone, the ringer is off, and I rarely check messages.  Apparently "Christina" never listened to my message?
  3. In these days of internet, you'd think they'd know we'd look them up.  They are something called "Interface 1", which is a company that overcharges for a modelling photo shoot and claims to flog your photos to talent agencies. (Actually, they just set up a web site with photos that REAL agencies are invited to peruse.)  They go after teens and young mothers at Six Flags and malls, and get phone numbers, then they make repeated "no one there" and dropped calls to your phone.  Robo-calls.  They get around the do-not-call registry with this because you (or your kid) gave them the number.
  4. I have never given out this number!  In fact, I don't even know it offhand.  And even if the previous users of this number gave it out, it's been mine and on the registry for 21 months, and by FCC regs they are required to check the registry monthly, so....
I have reported them to the feds.  I am surprised that of all the folks online who complained, not one mentioned the national registry, or reporting these guys, although a few said they complained to the BBB.  Unfortunately, the feds don't fine anyone anymore, don't do anything other than maintain a database of complaints, available to local officials who might want to prosecute.

I now have their address.  I think maybe I'll pay them a visit.  A loud visit.


I'm starting to wonder about the robins and their nest.  The lady started sitting on it a long time ago - at least three weeks, probably four.  The two of them had been taking turns hunting bugs in my back lawn every day.  Momma was on the nest and Daddy on a nearby branch every evening.  The past few days, nobody has been on the nest, not even in the evenings.  The two adults are still on the lawn, but it's almost like they're ignoring the nest.

I've been checking the ground under the nest for discarded shell bits, or fallen babies, but ... nothing.  I hope a snake or squirrel didn't steal the eggs or chicks.

It's too high for me to look in.

I don't understand.


If you are planning to see the World War Z zombie movie, see this:  The Oatmeal

Alternate tag: why movies are always disappointing if you've read the book.

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Becs said...

It's like that person thinks there's a problem with Brad Pitt running around shooting at things. And he also, for good measure, kisses his wife and kids, hacks off the hand of an Israeli soldier, and survives an airplane crash (of course). I see nothing fundamentally wrong with Brad doing that.

Although I am now intrigued by the book.