Sunday, June 16, 2013

3742 Where has cute gone?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Poor spelling does not prove poor knowledge,
but is fatal to the argument by intimidation.
--Gene Ward Smith--


I get feeds from the cute animal sites.  Feel good. For the past few months, it seems like every other post is either a pug or a sloth.  Enough already!  Why?  What's going on?  Have the boundaries of  "cute" been redefined?

Pugs always look woefully confused.  Poor little things.  (Now, you don't have to defend pugs.  I'm not saying they ARE confused, I'm saying they LOOK confused, and I don't find "confused" to be "cute".)  Anyway, I don't get the "cute" tickle I'm looking for from them.  Besides, their eyes stress me out.  I keep expecting them to pop out. 

I worry that the overload of sloths will result in all those immature idiots with more money than sense who always go into "I WANT ONE!" mode deciding they're the perfect pet.  The folks who do no research, don't understand that standard pets have generations of domestication in their backgrounds, and expect the exotic animals to fit their definition of pet.  Sloths are getting too overexposed for their own good.  Same thing happened to Fennec foxes and a host of small big-eyed jungle beasties.

I want kittens and puppies back (the bunnies can take a vacation, though), and not grumpy ones, either.


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