Sunday, April 14, 2013

3716 Sorry Sari Seller

Sunday, April 14, 2013

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-- Malaclypse the Younger --


I would dearly love to use tussah silk saris for curtains.  I'd need six for the living room, four for the dining room, and two or three for each of the larger bedrooms.  I buy saris on eBay, where you can get beautiful, new, printed, silk saris for less than $30 including shipping, and fancy gold-threaded, embroidered, and/or beaded used saris for even less.  Unfortunately, the saris in my price range tend to be unique in colors and patterns, and I don't want to mix patterns.  I want them all to match on any one window.

It's next to impossible to find several matching saris for less than a few hundred dollars each.

So last night when I accidentally came across a seller who not only had close to a dozen NEW tussa silk saris in each of two patterns in colors that would work for me, I got really excited and placed bids on a bunch of them that were going to end overnight.  I woke this morning to find that I had "won" all that I wanted --- but that my bids had been cancelled....

Duh?  Why?

...because the seller had screwed up, and had listed the same two saris (one in each pattern) multiple times.  She sent me a note that she really had only one of each, that I could have, but she'd have to cancel the others.  I told her I can't use one of each.  Cancel them all.

I am so very disappointed.


Becs said...

There's always Oak Tree Road.

~~Silk said...

Let me know if you ever see at least six new, pure wild silk (called paper silk or tussa silk) 6-yard saris in the same design, cream jacquard bodies with brown and black pallus and wide borders, a touch of red or green allowed, all in the same geographic area, for under $30 each. Even if they would be able or willing to order some for me, they wouldn't be under $100 each.

~~Silk said...

That's what's so great about the Indian (and Hong Kong) sellers on eBay. They charge their LOCAL prices for their goods.

Becs said...

Girlfriend, we will have to shop for that together because I wouldn't know it if it bit me on the nose.