Saturday, March 16, 2013

3702 How short am I?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In a democracy, people get the government they deserve.
-- Adlai Stevenson --


The Sunday of the Oscars, "Sunday Morning" did a segment on Linda Hunt (  They had a lot of clips from her movies and TV shows, and wow, she's short!  She's really short!

Then they gave her stats.  She and I are five months apart in age, and we are exactly the same height!


I don't understand.

I know I'm short, but I guess I never realized how short I am.  I'm taller than my mother and grandmother were, so I never felt short, if you know what I mean.  I've always come up to mid-chest on the guys I've dated and worked with, and that felt right (except Roman.  I came to just under his chin). I've seen myself in photos in groups, and I've always been the shortest in the photos.  I suspect that if I had seen stills of Ms. Hunt with her costars, she wouldn't have seemed so very short.  But seeing her move, walk with, look up at and gesture to others, she looked ... SHORT!  (If you don't know her, watch "NCIS: Los Angeles".)

I've never seen me in a video with other people.  Always alone, or with other people but not moving.

Even more, she has almost no neck.  I have a relatively long neck.  That means my shoulders are lower than hers.  So technically, I would give a shorter impression because her body mass is higher.


I must be tiny.  (Well, height-wise, anyway.  Anyone in a 38DD bra with matching rear counterweight can't be considered tiny.)


Everybody has a cold.  The same cold.  All over the northeast coast and in some spots on the west coast and between.  Everyone describes it pretty much the same, as starting with sniffles, then sinuses and throat, then to chest.  Some of us have had it since before Christmas - it goes away then comes back.

One explanation is that during Hurricane Sandy, sea birds got relocated.  Gull and tern poop is full of viruses and germs, and they poop on the wing.  We have antibodies against our own local birds' offerings, but the hurricane redistributed the shore's avian populations, and we have no resistance to the new ones.  The outbreaks in the rest of the country may have been carried by visitors from the east coast.

There's a more ominous theory.  Maybe someone's running a biological experiment/attack on us, tracking distribution patterns.

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Becs said...

Yeah, you are tiny. Believe it or not, you are. You are blessed with a long neck. I always wondered what writers meant by a swan-like neck and when I tried to wear scarves and not look like the kid from "A Christmas Story", I understood. I am not and never should be a scarf-wearer.

I love Linda Hunt. I will always love her for "Silverado" and the nice flirt she gets on with Kevin Kline. The bar was named after her, called "The Midnight Star" because she only shone at night.