Sunday, December 16, 2012

3685 Revived printer

Sunday, December 16, 2012

“The skunk does not get out of the way of any animal.  It moves along at its own speed, with its own mind.  It is self-assured and confident in itself.  Skunks are fearless, but they are also very peaceful.  They move slowly and calmly, and they only spray as a last resort.  Skunk teaches how to give respect, expect respect, and demand respect.”
 -- from Animal Speak --


Two years ago both my printer and scanner died, so I bought another, a combination copier, printer, and scanner.  I installed it and it worked fine for about a week, then it went weird.  I could use it offline as a copier just fine.  I could queue jobs up to the printer, and they would all print when I started or restarted the operating system, and only during startup.  Once the system was up and running the printer went offline, and the system couldn't find it.   So because it was always offline, I couldn't use the scanner function at all.

I figured I'd have to try reinstalling it, but I print so little that bouncing the system to print wasn't a huge problem, so I never got around to it.

Today I printed off a recipe, and was shocked when the printer started right up and printed it!  Immediately!  On the fly!

Windows had done that automatic update and restart thing this afternoon.  I guess something finally got fixed?  Does that mean that if I had ever tried to reinstall the printer it wouldn't have worked anyway?

I don't understand.

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