Friday, December 14, 2012

3682 What?!

The Newtown school shooting.  On TV, all stations.  I turned the TV on at 11:00am and they were saying one teacher had been shot in the foot.  It is now 1:50, 2 hours of continuous coverage, and the count of dead is up to 27, mostly children!  It keeps going up.  Adult male shooter.  Elementary school.

What?!  How?!  Why?!

I don't understand.  I really really really don't.


Update 3:30 pm:

Please newsfolks, let's not make this guy famous.  We don't need to know his name.  We don't need to see his picture.  You don't need to turn him into some kind of antihero.  If you need to fill time, let's concentrate on the victims.

Thank you.


rockygrace said...

I don't even know how to process these events any more. How sad is it that they've become "events", plural? One right after another.

My head hurts. My heart hurts. And my condolences go out to everyone in Connecticut tonight.

little red said...

I was listening to the continual coverage on WAMC yesterday at work. They had way less information than I was reading on Facebook. I think WAMC was only giving out information that was confirmed by the police. I am grateful that I don't have cable TV to blast horrible images and excessive amounts of information at me in times like these. As it was, I spent the day holding back tears so I could get work done.

Unfortunately, this guy is going to go down in the record books with the likes of the Columbine shooters, the Virginia Tech shooter and other mass murderers throughout the past century.