Saturday, October 20, 2012

3646 Different World

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Your measure is not what in you believe, but in what you do.


There's a little quick-shop owned by a young Pakistani (I assume) couple about 2.5 blocks away, that I go to for cigarettes and munchies and minor groceries.   They had an attempted robbery a few days ago.  There are cameras, and the wife showed me the video.  It was so funny!  The miscreant leaned across the counter pointing a knife at the husband.  That in itself was funny, since there was no way he could have reached him to stab him.  The husband walked down the length of the counter with the robber following him along the counter, waving the knife, then the husband rounded the end of the counter swinging a baseball bat!

He swung that bat so fast and so hard --- it was amazing!  It was like a blur surrounding him three feet around.  The bad guy jumped straight up in the air and came down running for the door.  The left side of the double door doesn't open, and it looked like he bounced off that, got hit by the bat, and fell and rolled out the right side.  Took  off running.

The wife said that when the bad guy saw the bat, he kept yelling, "Wrong store!  Wrong store!  I got the wrong store!"

I guess there's another store up the street that's easier to rob?


Update, from the police blotter:  The guy was white male, 5'9", black hoodie with horizontal white line across back, blue gloves, jeans, white shoes.  K-9 attempted to track, no result.


This store has a large parking lot to the side.  I think that's the place to go for drugs.  All day long there are two or three people sitting in a car.  Sometimes it's different people, different cars.  Maybe they take shifts or something.  Someone will pull up to the driver's side window in a car or on a bike, there'll be a short conversation, something gets passed back and forth through the window, and then the visitor leaves.  And the folks in the car continue sitting there.

This morning it was a lone middle-aged woman in a car.  Another older woman came up on a bike, window lowered a crack, things passed, bike lady leaves, older woman still sitting there when I left.

I don't know how I'm supposed to act when I see stuff like that.

Man, this place is SO different from what I'm used to.


the queen said...

If you see something, say something, isn't that what you easterners say? Why not inform the police so they can at least make it difficult for the pushers. Get them for loitering.

little red said...

If you see something, say something - NEVAH! I would never squeal on something like that. Are they harming anyone? Is there violence being perpetrated? Did you witness a rape or murder?

Drugs are most often used in the privacy of one's home and there's rarely violence involved unless there are police involved. Drugs don't usually cause violence, more often alcohol does. Drug prohibition causes violence.