Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3637 Bare Bones

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We cannot get rid of terrorism by getting rid of terrorists. We must
get rid of the conditions that create terrorists.
-- Silk --


Well, here I am.

There you are.

.......... crickets ............

I've got nothing.

Well, a little news.  The Nugget is going to school!

Ok, not really school.  She's going to a day care center three mornings a week, from 9 'til 2.  She gets a "report card" every day.  She likes "circle", stories, colors, and lunch.

This gives her Mommy some time for herself, too.

Nugget hasn't adjusted yet to the change in nap schedule, and since she started "school", she's been up several times during the night, which is upsetting her Daddy, Hercules.  Don't know how that's going to shake out.

Daughter had asked me a while ago to give her sewing lessons, but there was never time.  Well, there was time, but chasing the Nugget around used it up.  So now, after Daughter gets caught up on the list of things she hadn't been able to do for the past year and a half, maybe.


I think my daughter may be trying to kill me.  Late last week she brought over some beef stew with lots of vegetables (she seems to think I don't eat right).  It was good, but it was loaded with sharp shards of bone that I wasn't expecting until I bit down on one.  She had smashed up a big marrow bone into it.

Today she brought over a chicken stew with potatoes, chick peas, carrots, and lots of stewed tomatoes in it.  Also lots of fingernail-sized bits of what looks like rib bone.  After I discovered the first one I tried to feel around for them in a mouthful (found an average of four or five per mouthful), but then I bit down on a sneaky one and it stabbed between a tooth and gum - so I threw the rest of the stew out.  It was very good, but it scared me.

I hope she's not feeding the Nugget that tonight.

Maybe I should call her and warn her.  On the other hand, she takes offense easily, and my complaining of bones twice within the space of a week will not be taken well.

I never was very good at diplomacy, no matter what my Dale Carnegie trophy says.

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