Sunday, August 12, 2012

3594 Things that made me sad today

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Have no respect for the authority of others,
for there are always contrary authorities to be found.
--  Bertrand Russell  --


So.  This morning I was watching "Sunday Morning", and they were doing a piece on a sculptor, and said that one of his very large pieces filled "the enormity of the Grande Palais" in Paris.

Sigh.  The reporter obviously does not know what "enormity" means.  The Parisians should be very insulted.


I no longer watch late night or daytime talk shows.  It seems like all the guests have something to sell, or need exposure, and that's the only reason they're there, not because they have anything interesting to say. 

I have faithfully watched "Sunday Morning" since the early Charles Kuralt days.  The show used to be about "down home" kind of stories.  Ordinary people who did interesting or marvelous things, odd places and things off the beaten path, stuff like that.  There's an old joke, "My home town is so small Charles Kuralt has been here twice." 

Now it seems to be all about - surprise! - people who have something to sell or people who need exposure.  It has gradually become a 90-minute celebrity ad. It's very subtle, but watch next week and you'll see what I mean.

I may stop watching "Sunday Morning".  (I suspect I already have.  I used to settle in front of the TV with my tea or coffee.  Now I turn the TV on, but I'm not watching.  Listening, at most.  After the enormity of today's grammar gaffe, I don't even want to listen any more.)

When "People" magazine started, it was also about ordinary people in ordinary lives, who did or were interesting in some way.  Then it quickly changed.  It's now a celebrity advertising rag.

Why am I thinking about the worship of Mammon, and of bread and circuses?


What's with the Veronica Lake hair on young women?  You know, where they part it far over on the left side, so the right side falls in their faces, and they are constantly brushing it out of their eyes?  I'm seeing it everywhere.  Man, that's almost as stupid as those stilt-like shoes.

Women who worked so hard in the '70s to earn respect look on with despair. 

Why would any woman want to look like she can't even control her own hair (toss, toss, flick, toss - sexy? Only if you don't mind looking like a ditz.  I guess it's ok if you're a sexy ditz?  Do you really want a man who prefers sexy over brains?)?  Ok, the hair thing isn't a big thing itself, but it's indicative of an attitude.

What woman purposely wants to make her feet look and sound like hooves, and hobble herself?  Is binding feet next?

Why do young women want to look like they are incapable of making sound sensible decisions?  

It's a huge topic, the backslide.  I'm too sad about it to get into it.  They don't know what it used to be like, and they seem to be headed right back.  On purpose.

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