Saturday, October 15, 2011

3368 Two mysteries solved!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A good thought provoking question: What painting would you like to step into?


I'm one of those people who doesn't take aspirin when I have a headache, not because I have anything against medication, but because when I have a headache, my head isn't working right! And so I never even think of aspirin. Same with colds and antihistamines, and so on. When I'm sick, I need a nurse. I'm an excellent nurse to others, but not myself.

So when I had the fibro attack Wednesday and Thursday, I was in so much pain everywhere it didn't occur to me to ask why until I realized on Thursday night that I hadn't been drinking my usual three quarts of water per day. In fact, since like Saturday I had been down to maybe one quart per day, if that, plus all the physical exertion.

I had been distracted by Daughter's back problems.

Thursday night between 8 and 11 pm I drank about two quarts, and almost immediately felt better.

Sometimes I'm a complete idiot.


I've been feeling a little rejected lately. I admit that being busy the past few weeks, and not taking the laptop with me when I go upriver, I haven't been commenting on others' blogs much. But what hurt a little was that often when I did comment, my comment never showed up. Like it had been rejected or blocked or something.

This morning I discovered something weird in Blogger. I'll type my comment and the verification word, and the ID part says "~~Silk", like usual, I hit "post", and then I get a small (new) popup screen that invites me to create a blog. I'd been just closing that screen.

This morning, I noticed that there was more text to the right in that popup, so I widened the screen, and POW!, there's a login section. I had assumed that since Blogger knew it was me, that I was logged in. I guess not. I guess my comments have been disappearing because Blogger considered me not logged in.

I don't understand.


This is cute. I hope you don't need a Facebook id to see it, but I can't figure out how to copy it over. If you do have a Facebook id, you'll probably have to log in. It's Nugget's first time in her highchair (5 months old), and an early taste of rice cereal. That's Daughter feeding her, but I seriously didn't recognize Daughter's voice. Do catch Nugget's comment at the end. I don't know where she learned that (Gramma is looking away, digging her toe into the dirt, and whistling).

(No, I don't have an indoor pool. Just a bathtub. All they have is a shower.)


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the queen said...

I have the smae Blogger problem, only I don't remember my id, so I cant comment on blogger blogs. except yours. Yours asks for my google account.