Monday, September 12, 2011

3355 Mystery solved

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kneeling is not a position of strength, and begging is not an effective tactic.
-- Clarence Thomas --


A while ago I mentioned a fog horn sound that goes off at random times during the day. I wondered if it had maybe something to do with a drawbridge, or a large boat arriving - this area is full of boatyards and marinas.

I found out that it's the EMS signal. The number of whoops tells the EMTs which ambulance company should report to where.

I hope they also use beepers, because inside the house it's inaudible.

Now I have to find out what the constant mechanical tree frog sound is. That one I can hear in the front half of the house, and it drives me crazy.


Has anyone else tried the new Blogger interface? I HATE it. It's another case of trying to give everything to everyone, all possible bells and whistles, with the result that for simple usage, it's unusable. To write a simple post entry, you have to wade through layers of crap the average blogger will never use. There's so much crammed on a screen you have to scroll and scroll and scroll.


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Becs said...

Did you ever read Ray Bradbury's "The Foghorn"? Very poignant.