Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3329 Ripoff

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Interviewee I-missed-the-name, Kingston Freeman: “If prayer is out of the public schools, it is simply because those in attendance have chosen not to pray. Individual freedom to pray is still intact. What is rightfully missing is the authority to force prayer on those who do not wish to participate.”


I now have a Kindle. I decide to purchase a certain book. I go to The paperback version of the book is $7.15. The Kindle version, taking up no warehouse space, needing no human packing, downloaded wirelessly, pure profit after the first x copies, is $9.99!

I don't understand.


Becs said...

That's why I choose books that are either free the way we like it, or very cheap. For something I want to read in paper format, I head to the library.

little red said...

Publishers set the prices. Hard copies can be discounted. E-books, I would guess, cannot.

I used to think I would enjoy an e-reader. I have now realized that I really enjoy holding a book and turning pages.