Monday, November 15, 2010

3160 Brief Encounter

Monday, November 15, 2010

"My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure."
-- Abraham Lincoln --


Wow. I haven't been here for a while. Busy. Lots of stuff to do. I've been marking posts on other folks' blogs as "unread" because I wanted to comment when I had a moment to think about it, and now there's a big backlog of unexpressed comments and thoughts. Sorry. It's certainly not that I didn't think about you.


I had a visitor a few days ago who came in through The location said UK (ISP RapidSwitch Ltd, which is a server in UK, probably where hidemyass lives). Whoever it was knew the URL of this blog, and came directly, not through a search. Oddly enough, the timezone of the visitor was the same as mine, not that of England. Interesting. I wonder who was anxious that I not know that he/she/it visited.


There's a young woman who drives up and down my (new) street a few times a day, in a minivan. She sits hunched forward, away from the back of her seat, with her chest perhaps four inches from the steering wheel, elbows down and sharply bent, both hands gripping tightly high on the wheel, head thrust up and out, chin raised as if she feels she must see the front of the vehicle (not easy, as the van's nose slopes down). She scares me a little. I'd rather not be on the same road as someone who is so obviously uncomfortable driving.


I went to a BNL concert last Friday evening. I don't have much to say about the performance. I do have major complaints about people in the audience who are so self-absorbed, arrogant, and insensitive that they don't realize that standing has a negative effect on people behind them.

That part thoroughly pissed me off. And is a major part of why I have no further comment. I could have saved a hell of a lot of money by just buying another CD.

BTW - Why do they charge different prices for different sections of seating if nobody sits in the seats they paid for? Why is it ok that they go and stand in front of higher priced seats?

My old fogey opinion is that you go to a concert to see and hear. You don't go to a concert to dance. You go to a club or a party to dance. If everyone stays in their seats, everyone can see. Why is that a bad thing? If you want to stand and dance, BUY THE FREAKIN' CD AND DANCE TO IT IN YOUR OWN SPACE!

I'd love to hear some performer say that, on the stage.


I forget what I did Saturday, but I must have done something, because I had signed up for a Meetup party and canceled because I was too busy.

Yesterday, Sunday, I shopped for chairs or stools to use with the marble table, with no success. Then in the evening, Daughter rounded up some friends to help get the marble table top out of the van and into the house, and then we had a takeout food party. I think I've found the best ribs ever.

Today I watched last night's The Amazing Race online, I've been catching up on internet stuff, and I plan to finish cleaning the insides of the kitchen cabinets and then tape up the bedroom for painting.


the queen said...

Oh... yeah, the band really likes people who stand up and dance. It is actively encouraged.

Now, I'll agree with you on people changing seats. Thanks cranks me. But not as much as people. Who. Come. To. A. Concert. To. Talk. They should all die.

I was at a BNL concert in row 2 and a famously short woman (5') asked if we could trade because she was behind me and she's short. So we did.

Now, evidently at BNL concerts in Canada everyone stays seated.

the queen said...

But wait - certainly there was an improv rap. Can't get that off a CD.

Anonymous said...

The last concert I went to was to see Shania Twain and that was around 1995. I have not and will not attend another concert of that sort because everyone stood up. For the love of God, I paid good money so I could sit. Never more, I hate people too damned much to even try.


~~Silk said...

I do believe that Canadians are more socially responsible and less self-centered than Americans. This confirms it.

Becs said...

At Bruce Hornsby concerts, everyone sits except for the Deadheads dancing off to one far side of the theater. And at one point, he invites all the ladies to come up on the stage to dance.