Saturday, August 07, 2010

3046 Rosetta

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."
-- Robert Frost --

(I don't agree with that, but it sounds good. Actually,
it sounds more like infatuation, a "crush".)


I got up at a decent hour this morning, and got some stuff done! I dried the last of last night's laundry, and put everything away. I sorted the stack of newspapers, pulled out the crossword puzzles to do later. I took a load of paper, glass, and plastics to the recycle center. I took deposit bottles and a load of plastic bags to the grocery store for recycling. I bought some groceries. My back had gone out before I finished planting all the new flowers, but it's feeling better now, so I got some more done on that. And a few other little things I can't remember now.

I'm proud of me.


Chinese circus acrobats and Swan Lake:


I had to watch it twice to catch all the details, like how he picked her up when she was lying on the floor at about 1:18ish. I wonder how on earth he avoids bruises on his shoulders. How did she start spinning when she was on his head?


Having shown something fabulous from China, I figure now I can get away with this (I hope it's clear, not too fuzzy to read. If it is too fuzzy, the original is at

By the way, I have actually touched the Rosetta stone! It's behind glass now, but when Jay and I saw it (in perhaps 1995? 1996?),it was just in a velvet rope square, and not very far behind the ropes, because my arms aren't all that long. I touched one side surface with one finger.


Becs said...

V cool that you touched the Rosetta Stone.

I came across something on a Chinese menu that sounded like "Wash you up".

rockygrace said...

My, that gal in the video sure is bendy! Looks painful.

I felt kind of sorry for the rest of the women, who had to run around and wave their arms while the one girl got all the action. Then again, maybe they're getting the better part of that deal.

And I'll bet that the guy goes home with one heck of a head-and-neck ache. "Honey, could you bring me the Tylenol?"