Saturday, October 13, 2012

3641 Pretty feet, so there!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Polls reveal attitudes; they do not predict behavior.  Just because a poll says 50% of the polled will resign their job if X occurs doesn‘t mean that anyone will actually resign when X occurs.
We forget that attitude and behavior are, for obvious reasons, different.
-- [To keep in mind during this time of rampant OMG polls] --


Have you ever heard of Morton's Toe? See  That's where the second (index?) toe is longer than the big toe.

Believe it or not, it's considered a deformity, a disorder.  10% of the world's people have it.  The articles insist that 80% of the people who have it suffer foot pain, and it causes (domino effect) hip and back pain (and apparently practically every other pain in the body, including fibromyalgia and TMJ pain.  I think they're going a bit far with that.)

The Greeks considered it the height of beauty.  A Morton's Toe foot is called a Greek foot.  The non-Morton's are called Roman feet.  Most ancient Greek statues have Morton's Toes, and the statue of Liberty has them.  When I went to the Mensa world gathering in Orlando a few years ago, there were a few thousand Mensans from all over the world all wearing sandals, and I did my own informal survey.  Four out of five Mensans there had Morton's Toe.  That's an extremely high proportion.

Everyone in my family has it (so far as I know), so it never struck me as odd.  It makes the foot look nicely rounded, much prettier than those ugly feet with those sticking-out pointy big toes.


The auction hall near my country house has scheduled an estate auction next Saturday.   (I bought most of my furniture there over the years.)  It's going to be a combination of a few estates, and one is Jimmy Cagney's.  "The" Jimmy Cagney, I wondered?  So I did some research.

It is his stuff.  He died about 26 years ago, so it's a bit late for his things to be auctioned.  Maybe it was a heir who's getting rid of some things.  Maybe his wife?  It turns out he had a large farm in Stanfordville, less than 20 miles from my country house, where he'd lived for the last 30 years of his life.  He enjoyed painting, and a few of his paintings will be auctioned, among other "smalls".

That was something interesting about that area.  There were/are a lot of very famous people living up there, and sometimes you'd see them on the streets or in the village shops, and nobody said boo, nobody takes photos, nobody asks for autographs.  No fuss.


the queen said...

Spunky says there's someone for everyone.

rockygrace said...

How the hell could you look at the Mensans' toes? I'm sure they were all wearing socks with their sandals ...

For the record, I am a (lapsed) Mensan. And I don't have that weird-ass Morton's Toe. Go figure. :)

~~Silk said...

Queen - Spunky is Roman. A Latin lover would say that.

Rocky - Hey, it was June, in Orlando! The socks don't show up with the sandals until September. You know that! (I'm a Life Member. I jumped on that back when it was less than $200. I figure that if I live to 80, I'll have gotten 30 years of membership for the cost of what is now about three years' dues. I am a lapsed Intertel member, though. They just don't DO anything.)

~~Silk said...